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Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Concert Awesome-ness!!!

We had a  AWESOME time!!! The kids are super stoked about it!!! What a great thing to do with the family when they behave like the BEST KIDS ON THE PLANET!!!  I am still amazed at how great the kids were. =D
Not that they are bad kids,but sometimes family outings are a bit crazy. lol I would have loved to share pics of the concert, but someone grabbed the camera but left the battery....... Someone being ME!!!!  At least I have all the wonderful memories in my mind. The kids also received certificates for FREEEEE with their names and date on it stating that it was their first concert and who it was featuring!!!! My Daughter who is almost 3yrs feel asleep towards the very end! I can not believe it. It was so LOUD.  I am glad she was happy and just fine with all the noise and yelling, hell she even was hootin & hollerin!!! Get it baby girl!!!!!! William was too! But is he almost 9yrs and I was not worried about the noise bothering him. lol He enjoyed himself very very much!!! And in the end that was all that matter! It was a B-day present for him. Oh and I guess a early fathers day present too! My husband loves him some Brad Paisley!!!!! Mommy loves em all! But I am afraid I have to admit I think I have a new "dreamland" love affair with Jarrod Nieman!!! Wooo Weeeeee lemme tell ya!!!!

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