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                              Sunday Coupon Insert Preview

Looks like there will be an insert after all, this Holiday weekend! P&G is suppose to be in the papers according to their Facebook page earlier this week! So we shall see if these coupons are in it are not come tomorrow morning! =)

7-3 P&G coupon insert
Sunday coupon preview
Regional coupon inserts & value differences are to be expected! And we are one of the VALUE DIFFERENCES ARE EXPECTED! But I have learned that the Washington post,Daily News Press and sometimes The Richmond Times have better VALUED COUPONS coupons then what we get! Also they all carry the RedPlum!!!!! Yippietyyyy Skippitttyyyy!!! No more waiting to see if I was lucky and got one in the mailbox that week or not!
The women in FarmFresh seriously look at me very different now! LOL As most of y'all know I am crazy. And started doing the happy dance and singing a spur of the moment made up coupon song about finally finding good coupons! LMBO!!!!
Sorry about the all that^^^^^^^^ Just excited to pass on that info! =)

Ok Ok Ok... Here is your coupon list for 7/3!!!!

(x) before coupon = multiple of same coupon
ETS = excludes trial sizes
P&G Insert Coupons(All Coupons Expire 7/31)

Always $.50/1 Pads, Clean or Feminie Cleansing Cloths
Always $.50/1 Pantiliner 30ct+
Always $1/1 Infinity 14ct+
Bounce $.50/1 dryer bar
Bounce/Downy $.35/1 sheets
Bounty $.25/1 napkins
Bounty $.25/1 towels or napkins
Cascade $1/1
Cascade $1/1 rinse aid
Charmin $.25/1
Clairol $1/1 hair color
Clairol $3/1 Nice ‘n Easy color blend foam or Perfect 10 hair color
Covergirl $1/1
Covergirl $2.50/2
Crest $.75/1 4oz+ toothpaste
Crest $.75/1 rinse 440mL+
Crest $5/1 3D White Advanced Vivid, Stain Shield, or Gentle Routine Whitestrips
Crest $7/1 3D White Professional Effects or 2 Hour Express Whitestrips
Downy $1/1 liquid fabric softener
Duracell $.50/1 Coppertop, Ultra Advanced, Ultra Photo Lithium or specialty batteries
Duracell $1.50/1 rechargeable batteries or charger or 6-pack+ hearing aid batteries
Febreze $.50/1 air effects
Febreze $.50/1 Set & Refresh
Febreze Buy one fabric refresher, get one air effects free up to $3.29
Febreze Buy one NOTICEables refill, get one NOTICEables warmer free up to $3.29
Gillette $1/1 body wash
Gillette $2/1 deodoratn ets
Gillette $2/1 Mach3 disposable 3ct, Sensor3 4ct or Custom Plus3 4ct
Gillette $2/1 manual or power Fusion ProGlide razor
Gillette $3/1 Mach3 cartridge
Gillette $3/1 Mach3 disposable 6ct, Sensor3 8ct or Custom Plus3 8ct
Gillette $4/1 Fusion cartridge including ProGlide 4ct+
Head & Shoulders B1G1 free shampoo or conditioner up to $12.99 ets
Herbal Essences/Aussie $3 off styler when you purchase any product ets
Ivory $.50/1 bar or bodywash or Safeguard bar or liquid handsoap
Metamucil $1/1
Olay $1/2 bars, body washes, in-shower body lotions or hand & body lotions ets
Olay $3/1 Pro-X, Regenerist or Total Effects facial moisturizer or facial cleanser ETS
Old Spice $1/2
Old Spice Buy one Fresh Collection or Red Zone product, get one body spray free up to $5.39
Oral-B $.75/1 floss or floss picks 30ct+
Oral-B $2/1 Pulsar, CrossAction, Advantage, or 2 Indicator or Cavity Defense manual toothbrushes
Pampers $1.50/1 limited edition prints diapers or splashers swim pants
Pampers $1.50/2 bags or 1 box of diapers or pants
Pantene $1/2 ets
Pepto $.50/1
Secret $1/2 ets
Tampax $.50/1 18ct+
Tampax $1/1 Pearl or Compak Pearl 18ct+
Tide $.35/1 Tide To Go
Tide $.50/1 detergent
Tide $.50/1 washing machine cleaner
Tide $1.50/1 Stain Release 26-50oz powder, 15-34ct duo pac or 36-68oz liquid
Tide $.50/1 stain release
Venus $2/1 razor or disposables razor
Venus $2/1 refill
See anything that's making ya excited about the coupons coming Sunday? I am! The Herbal  Essences and the 1.50/1 tide has got me super excited! And the others to ofcourse! I see now that I will be getting up at 4am Sunday! We do not get alot of each paper from up north and people snag them QUICK! How about you? What or how do you get your papers/coupons??


  1. So, I learned last week that people are going and picking through the papers at the station I go to for my newspapers. Seriously people?!? Buy a freaking paper! I usually go around 730-8 for a coffee and my newspapers but starting this week I am going at 5am! Girl, I know, I am crazy to! LOL

  2. It is completely INSANE! How people act anymore! That is the time I USE to go as well! But now I get up at around 4:30am! I usually hit up the FarmFresh and WAWA for mine. Now I guess I am going to have to find a different place then FarmFresh! Last weekend an elderly woman took an elbow to the face over some dang newspapers! I thought I was going to jail for taking up for her LOL! The Manager I LOVE works every other weekend and of course it was not her weekend! But she guards the papers and if they are picked threw she gives them all to me (what is left) for about .50-1.00 depends on the state of MESS! I have to look threw each paper to make sure they are all there! And they normally are missing the coupons! I like the Washington Post,they put all sells papers and coupons in a sealed BAG!


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