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Swag Bucks

Search the web and earn Swag Bucks to redeem prizes. Get prizes for doing things you already do on the internet. I sure wish MONEY GREW ON TREES! But I have the SwagBucks Money Tree do you?
 If not you can sign up here

Search & Win

SWAGBUCKS is celebrating  The Fourth of July with collector cards! Collect all 5 and earn 13 extra SB'S!!!! You get the cards from doing your everyday searches. Good Luck this ends 7/4!


Search & Win


DONT FORGET TODAY IS MEGA SWAGBUCKS FRIDAY!!!! YOUR CHANCE TO EARN DOUBLE  swagbucks when you search using their search and win toolbar!  So what ya waiting for??? GO SEARCH AND WIN! If your not a member SIGN UP HERE!

Search & Win

Search & Win

I have had several people ask me about SWAGBUCKS, So I have put together some information about some of the ends and outs of SWAGBUCKS. I hope this helps clear up some things for you.

                                            WHAT IS SWAGBUCKS??????

It is basically one of, if not THE easiest ways to make some extra rewards/giftcards. Your SWAGBUCKS can be redeemed for gift cards electronics and even toys! Amazon is one of the top gift card redemption! A 5.00GiftCard is only 450 SB!!!! Here lately I have seen or found some really great deals on FOOD with FREE shipping even. Better then what I can get with coupons on some things! So how many times a day do you really truly search for something??? I atleast search 4-5 times a day for something! So why not get rewarded to do it? There are a TON of ways to earn SWAGBUCKS. I prefer the EASIEST way. (Naturally) =D
                          THIS IS WHAT I DO ON SWAGBUCKS EACH DAY. 
1. I get on the computer in the morning and I am awarded one 1SB right of the bat for having the SWAGBUCKS Toolbar! And usually get atleast 6SB within my first 2 searches. Then sometimes after that I may not til that evening. Just depends on what kinda searching I am doing.                 2.Then I go to SWAGBUCKS.COM  and do my daily poll which is 1SB aday.                              3.And just visit the trusted surveys for 1SB (I gave up on the surveys) But know of a few who have great luck with them.                                                                                                               4.And then I visit the NOSO offers. I just click skip through about 4 pages and get 2SB.Maybe takes 1min to get through them. And that's how I start my day with Swagbucks. I really don't do much else unless a Swag Code comes along.
 There are other ways to earn SWAGBUCKS. You can refer friends and earn up to 1000SB per person. You can always put your special referral link at the end of your emails. Like there Facebook Page and keep up with Swagcode clues! *TIP* If you see "Thank You TSG" then there is a code out! and its probably worth 6-8 SB! Join there Facebook connect and earn a referral for anyone who clicks your link! They only allow 1 account per household though.You can also watch the SBTV and earn SB's. My best suggestion for anyone is to start out doing easier things that way you do not get discouraged if you don't get a TON of SWAGBUCKS at first! The survey's almost did me in at first! But I do not bother with them now. All though I did do all my "profiles" for my surveys because you get SWAGBUCKS for completing them. ;) o0o0o0 *TIP* I hear that searching between 12-12:30am CT time is the hotspot! So all in all this is a really great way to cut down on the gift giving seasons! You can get restaurant.'com gift cards as well!
                     (I took a lot of time to explain the codes b/c it can be confusing)                             
                                                   SWAG CODES   

What's that??? Swag codes are are strings of text that you can apply for instant Swag Bucks.
Or a group of either all alphabetical or a combination of alpha and numeric characters created by the swag team. Swag Codes can appear anywhere, and at any time, throughout the Swag Bucks network.The codes look something like:                                              "6biGbuCks"
And will appear like this:   Enter Swag Code  "6biGbuCks" now to get 10 Swag Bucks!   or
The Swag Code is "6biGbuCks"

Swag Codes themselves are usually in quotes with no spaces between the words.  If you are on one of the Swagbucks blogs and see something like this
The Swag Guy just returned from “AkRoNoHiO”
It’s most likely a swag code and can be redeemed on the SWAGBUCKS.COM homepage.
Other code types include a group of mixed up letters like the example below:
Enter code SuperCode hTp781kL3F9 for a free Swag Buck.
This is absolutely a code and can be redeemed on the SWAGBUCKS.COM homepage.

Where On The Site Do I Redeem The Codes?
Go to SWAGBUCKS homepage and login if your not already . Look on the top right side of the page for the "Gimmie Box" It will say "enter your swag code here" . Enter your code in the “Gimme!” box and click on “Gimmie!”
Swag Codes are case sensitive so if you type it wrong or have it wrong it will let you know.
If the code is valid, you should receive a message that says you just received 7 Swag Bucks
If it was not valid, you should see a message saying it was not a valid code.Please try again.
If the code you’ve entered is expired, you will see a message saying it has expired.
 See the box highlighted in red? That is what you are looking for on the SWAGBUCKS Homepage

You can also find one on your My Acct page

Where Do I Find Swag Codes?

The Swag Team releases codes throughout the day several different ways . Whenever a code is released the Swag Team sends out an alert using the “"Swidget"” or SWAGBUCKS  Widget
You can always check for code by visiting my Home Page.
To use the widget to check for a code just click on it and you’ll get a message, the message will tell you one of three things:
  1. An actual code that you can copy and paste
  2. A clue to find the code
  3. OR NO CODE =(
I will do my best to let y'all know when there is a code out! And post the info to my Facebook Page.
As of now I am not in "inner loop" of Bloggers that receive the clues! But I have applied for it!
Using The Clues To Locate Codes
The "swidget" or Swagbucks widget  will tell you to look in the SwagBucks toolbar the SwagBucks blog, the SwagBucks Facebook page, or the Swagbucks Twitter stream. Once there you’ll either have to scan for clues to find the code or you’ll have to scan to find an actual code.

I hope this post helps y'all understand SWAGBUCKS better and makes you guys wanna join in on the stockpiling of SB's!!!!!!!! SB's never expire so if want save and save and save for a big ticket Item!         Let me know what you think about this article. =)

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