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Friday, November 18, 2011

SAFP'S READER/FANS UPDATE (Making some changes =).., My insane Computer, My son the 9yrs "stunt man" + a few more topics.(Good things- mostly)

Changing Things Up:

It is time for a face-lift! I will be making few changes to blog.When you visit over the next few days you may come across a link or tab that may not work or show as an error. Don't fret, I am probably working on it or moving it to a different location! This will only be a temporary issue. You may also see missing images, half images or they may be out of place, this will be temporary as well. I just wanted to make you all aware of this. :) Don't want any to think the site was broking or not working properly..... Since I had already stopped to take the time to fix my computer. I figured, I might as well go ahead work on all the things I've been wanting to do & that needed to be done over the weekend. Some of this is very time consuming and migraine causing lol Well, for me it can me. Figuring out HTML codes rewriting them to make changes to the appearance of things, writing out new codes for new things etc. LOL This is why I have had no luck previously. Time and patents got the best of me. But I am bound & determined this time! Plus these things will make it easier to navigate the blog and hopefully will allow for more content to be added! I am excited about making these changes. I hope they workout  how I plan for.

I know I know...I have not been able to get online hardly at all today :( I truly apologize for that. :(
Due to my computer messing up severely.(YES Again!) I also had a couple unexpected doctor appointments for my son this morning. He did have a check up appt. today,(after school) but..But....BUT.... He decided he was going to be Mr. "Stunt Man" 15mins prior to leaving for school! Lets just say his "cool trick" didn't go so well! lol  He is not injured to badly at all! Just a bruised knee & possible sprain. Plus, I had an appointment this afternoon for myself.
All the above PLUS taking care of all the jobs/tittles that come with being MOM =D Kept me from the computer today. lol
(Okay, I wont leave out the stunt :).. As some of you know, my son is ALL boy. He was standing on the back end of his sisters rocking horse(Handmade of solid REAL wood, On hardwood floors = slick) I have not figured out exactly what he was trying to accomplish.(Not sure I want to either) It looked like he was trying to stand with (1) foot on the back end (a INCH WIDE) while lifting  his other foot up to put it on the seat! (balancing??)The rocking horse was beside my china hutch (glass doors & shelves on top end) He starts reaching for the the middle door and flips backwards! Looked like he was trying to & completed a back flip! He lands on his knee, the one he has hurt millions of times since summer had begun! Skateboarding, BMX Tricks,, Climbing on the sheds roof and jumping off to dunk the basketball!! (yes I almost had a stroke) And tons of other craziness. He complains time to time about it hurting, usually after he's been playing, falling on it etc, This morning he says it hurts so bad he can't walk , etc etc, So I took him to the doc to check it out. Even though it was not swollen very much and I still iced it. It was bruised pretty bad.But to be safe I took him anyway.....

Reminder of where to find/look for the NEWEST coupons, freebies, deals ect,:::
You guys can ALWAYS CHECK under my Printable Coupons Tab and over on Facebook under my tabs located to the left of my facebook page to view the most recent coupons! As well as you can come here to my blog homepage to view the most current deals & new releases/hottest coupons out!(freebies included) Just look at the right & left sidebars for the best of everything out right that second! Plus, I have sites that I use on a daily basis for FREEBIES, COUPONS, DEALS ETC. Listed on my sidebars! So you can click on any of those to check them out yourself! Even if your looking for something in-particular.(9 times out of 10 I would go to those places and look for that particular item myself, if you had asked me where to find it!)

(Well it is almost Midnight here on the East-coast, so it would now be yesterday! he he.)
Any-who, ...

Computer Issues/ Repairs:
 So I am working on my computer right now, that way it will be fixed properly this time! I kept putting it off because it is so time consuming and felt I didn't have the time or patients to get it done .... Now I have no choice but to lol.
The upside:::(even though I like to have them posted on Friday afternoons)
I have been working on my Drug Store Matchups on and & off today while waiting at the doctors offices! :) And while I have been waiting on my computer to go threw all the processes, scans! (using a friends Netbook! And boy "lemme" tell "ya"! They do come in handy sometimes! I thought they were a waste of money.(OVERPRICED TO) But, it as been quite handy today, even if it was an unusual rare circumstance. Down sides are, the doctors offices didn't have wifi available for patients! Just for their use ONLY! Yes, I most certainly asked if I could have their password/ Network code! LOL  The other down side is they do run slower and slower while on the internet. I already new and thought that anyway.

New Topics & Articles::: View Full Post HERE
I thought I would touch base on this real quick. I have mentioned previously about starting up an weekly venue of articles and other money saving things. To post a new article, subject line etc, once a week on the same day every week. I would like to have more informational articles on Frugal Living. Tips & Tricks and How-To's. Basically I'd like to have more substance added to the blog. I have always wanted to have this since I started out. But it took quite a bit of time to learn how to run a webpage & keep up and running. As well as keeping up with all the current info.... 
When I had posted about this about 2weeks ago I asked for some of your thoughts, opinions & ideas, I would really like your feedback on these topics please. As this is information is for you all to read, learn, get ideas and more. It would benefit a great deal to be aware of what you the readers would like to see and not like to see. That way I do not post things that you the readers do not care to read. :)
 Click here to view my previous post with my ruff draft of ideas. I may change it up as a go =)

Okay enough of my silly rambles,,,(possibly =D)
Please leave your thoughts in the comments below!!

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