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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Awesome Walmart Trip! We Paid ONLY $1.46 for 36.95 worth of items! =D Including Organic Veggies, Scrubbing Bubbles OneStep Toilet Kits, CoverGirl Make-Up and MORE!!

   We had a FANTASTICALLY AWESOME trip to Walmart! We are still shocked at how smoothly everything went! Well other then trying to find those plastic bins I wanted for reorganizing some coupons and a few other things around the house. I was planning on using my overage from a few coupons to help pay for them. But we are not bummed at all about that! I will just stop by the other store tomorrow while I am out and grab them. So we used the overage to buy apples & a new silverware divider that we really needed.
My kids had been asking for apples and who was I to deny them yummy apples? =D.
Please fill free to leave any questions or comments you may have below!

OV = Overage( left over $$ on coupon, used towards the rest of your total purchase amount )

We paid ONLY $1.46!!! Here is the list of  what we scored  & a breakdown on how I did it! :
(3) Scrubbing Bubbles OneStep Toilet Cleaning Kits   $3.97ea  = Free + 0.09 OV after coupons
(1) Bounce Dryer Bar              $4.27ea    =  Free + 1.22 OV after coupon
(4) CoverGirl Eyeshadow      $3.14ea  = Free + 3.44 OV after coupons (1.72 OV for each coupon)
(1) 5lb Bag of Granny Smith Apples     $3.97ea  OV Items
(2) 16oz bag of Earthbound Organic Carrots! YES ORGANIC! =D   $0.98ea = Free + 0.04 OV
(1) Cutlery divider   $2.28 OV Item
=  $36.95 before coupons

Coupons I used 
- Used  (3)  $4.00 off  ONE Scrubbing Bubbles OneStep Kits coupon from the 9/11 SmartSource
- Used   (1)  FREE Bounce Dryer Bar Manufacturers coupon up to $5.49 (Facebook Giveaway)
- Used   (2)  $8.00 off  TWO CoverGirl Make-up coupon from the 10/02 P&G
- Used   (1) $2.00 off ANY TWO Earthbound Organic Products from Recyclebank Click HERE (Pledge to recycle,reduce,reuse on items and earn points that you can redeem for coupons,gift cards & more! You will also get lots of energy saving tips & useful info about conservation!)
Finial Price Paid
= $1.46!!!  Wahoo!
I have noticed a few newbies on the page, so I thought I would separate my post a little bit to be easier to understand. ;)
This is very easy to do, even for beginners!


  1. Awesome trip! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. THANKS! I am thrilled about the organic veggies & apples & WELL it all! =D Thanks for commenting!


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