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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Would you like to know how to spot a FAKE COUPON? Here are a few pointers!

Here are some helpful tips on how to tell the difference between REAL & FAKE coupons!!  If you ever have doubted or seconded guessed a coupon, then these tips will help you throw the ole' REDFLAG up! I spoke on Bar Codes & Using Them In A Manor that is NOT STATED yesterday. To read that article click here  

 IF A COUPON SEEMS TO BE   “too good to be true.” Then they are more times then not Fake! Legitimate coupons are almost never visible on your computer screen.They may show a small box with pictures of product or word text that say a certain amount etc.But usually never the whole coupon it's self. Unless it is a PDF coupon. But I will get to that in a minute. If you have a fake coupon 9 times out of 10 it will scan no problem. However you and the coupon can be tracked!  All stores have cameras in them and even in the parking lots!They are cracking down on coupons hard! Which we all are suffering from the ones defrauding the coupons and businesses! Each printable coupon has special "pin code" the retailer only gets paid for each different code! Also they will not be reimbursed for items purchased not stated on the coupon! You can visit here for a list of current fake coupons as of 07/23/11 Coupon Information Center You can also view examples of fake coupon  =) You should check it out! If you think you have or seen a fake coupon please report it to the same link above!

  •  Red Flags:
  • Generally: the higher the value of a coupon,  the more likely it is to expire pretty quickly.
  • Fake coupons  that have a high value tend to have a longer expiration date.
  • Also check for watermarks printed behind the writing and in the exp: date box (yellow dots in exp box) Most printers are new and can pick the watermarks up well. So pay attention!
  • Emailed coupons: If it’s being passed around by PERSONAL e-mail, it may be worthless. Legitimate coupons generally can’t be e-mailed.
  • Coupons found in a PDF form that ARE NOT DIRECTLY from the manufactures site!
  • NOT All coupons in PDF format are fake!Just follow what I said above! 
  • Coupons that do not have a print limit (Usually a limit of no more then 2 from each site).
  • Coupons that DO NOT HAVE UPC BAR CODE (They can not be tracked!)
  • FREE product printable coupon! These are hardly ever printed off the internet! They are generally obtained directly from the manufacture

Legitimate coupons will have these features!
Product watermark behind the coupon value
Little yellow dots in the expiration date box
The time and date printed stamped around the bottom of the coupon
Unique serial number on the coupon (tracking code)
Usually printable coupon sites will have their Logo on the coupon. Behind the wording in grey also a smaller Logo in color around the edge and most also have the Verify Logo
I found this image on the Frito Lay website. Here
 This gives you a great example of a REAL VS FAKE COUPON(my attempt at it was sad)
Pretty close to the real thing huh? Especially for someone who as no clue what they are looking at!

This is how much trouble you could get in for FAKE COUPONS!! AND COUPON FRAUD!!! Playing the "I did not know" card will not get you outta of this! Even if you truly had no idea! So please please pay attention! Consider the source and look for fake/spammy sites! When in doubt click away from the page! And ask someone about it! Email me, Facebook me, Twitter me, blog comment etc. I really do not mind helping and answering question. That is what I am here for!

MAXIUM prison sentence: 17 years!

MAXIUM FINES $5 million!

What are your thoughts and views on this topic? And on this post? Love it? Hate it? Don't car?

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