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Saturday, July 23, 2011

HOW TO USE COUPON / BAR CODE CORRECTLY!! (I do not use them!!!!)

 So much talk going on about "matching up coupon bar codes"  for products not stated on the coupon because the bar code matched!!! NEWS FLASH IT IS COUPON FRAUD AND A FEDERAL CRIME!

Ok after that being said....
It has been experience that "matching bar codes" is tricky business.(for me) I do not like playing that "game" Even though the picture on the coupon may not match what is in writing, you can still find a cashier that will dispute this. If you have a wrong  product it makes things that much worse! Trust me, I have grabbed the wrong item before! And was scrutinized because of it! It is easy to do when you are in a hurry or have a child that is not happy ridding in that buggie etc. It is always best to read the coupon and buy what products are stated in print!If you have a question about a particular coupon ask someone. Now the "code" info: Generally  if you have a coupon that begins with a number 5 it will double! 9 times outta 10! Even the ones that state DO NOT DOUBLE WILL/WOULD DOUBLE. Now that registers are getting "high tech" the registers are catching it and not doubling them. Stores that do not allow overage will also round the coupon down to exact sale price. In my opinion about the whole "coupons that said DND  would" There are 3 different Bar Codes on coupons now. They have really cracked down on coupons since the show extreme coupons and since the RISE IN COUPON FRAUD!!!! If you were to use a coupon in a manner that was stated not to be used, You are only hurting all of us  couponers and the Stores you used the coupons at.The store will not be reimbursed for the item that was uses improperly!!  And you are committing a CRIME! In the long run is it worth it? Stores have cracked down so much on coupons. And I see it getting worse the more people use them illegally! So please do your best to use them like they are intended.  If it states 1.00 off two products then you have to buy two! etc Also If a coupon begins with the number 9 MOST chances are it will not double!

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