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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Screaming Daily Deals!

I came across this deal from Enza's Bargins! Thank you =) She is a super nice chick!
I was thinking this was for westcoasters only! But They do have some deals listed that STATE GOOD AT ANY .......(PLACES NAME HERE)!!!! Yay! So we can score some of those deals!!!!!!

You can sign up here  to score those awesome awesome deals!!!!!

 Make sure to look under Utah deals! This one is in the sidebar!!!!! =)
 For 15.00 you get 2 tickets and 2 game rentals! 32.98 value! Click here to get this deal!

57% off The Ultimate Harry Potter Experience - $25 Includes 2 movie tickets, 1 small drink, 1 small popcorn, and 2 game rentals (up to $59.00 value) Click here for this deal!

Thanks again to Enza's Bargins!!!!!

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