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Monday, July 4, 2011

Need a few grilling tips? Here are a few!

Need a few grilling tips?

*Don’t flip the burgers over and over!*

I always have a problem with that one! And I learned the hard way A BUNCH OF TIMES!
You must resist the urge to keep flipping! lol 
If you flip em' like a mad man or woman you will lose quite a bit of flavor and juices!
DON'T squish those baby's down! You will squish all those yummy juices right out of em'!

Try cooking on a medium heat w/the lid shut,this will help in keeping your PRIZED burgers from not getting done on the inside and keep em' from getting burnt on the outside. If you MUST SQUISH this is what I do!:

*I try and squish em' down before the ever make it to the grill! OR as soon as they hit the grill!*

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