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Friday, July 1, 2011

**** I will be working on re-doing my site****

I have been fighting for time to work on the set-up of my site. But I have made myself a solemn promise to AT THE LEAST! Fix the layout of the page, so that the postings are not squished in a small width box and 300000,00000 miles long! It makes for so much easier reading. And it also looks 100% nicer! So through out this afternoon and night I will be fixing it. So if you visit my site and have any sort of issues that is why. Also If I become MIA all of a sudden, then I am probably fussing at the computer screen! Trying to figure this all out! I have much work to be done be done.Alot of writing left to do! But I am eager to get all typed up for you guys!   But each day I will work hard on getting it all right! Also posting as many as I can on freebies, coupons and deals! Some days I may not post as many, Due: to getting my site all fixed up. =) Thank each and everyone of you for all your support! It really means alot to me!

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