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Thursday, March 15, 2012

BIG changes coming! New site, new content and more!

Just wanted to let y'all know real quick, I haven't been able to post much the past few days as you all my have noticed.... I am currently switching servers and setting up a new website!! Which takes a lot of time getting things just how you want them starting from scratch! Basically trying to make sure the new site is very easy for you guys to navigate and found all the info you want fast and easy!!

 In addition to that, My husband has been "dragging" me out to the country everyday this week! ;) To look at land for sale to build OUR NEW HOME!! Plus all the things that come with doing that, paper work, number crunching etc! (Headache forming), figuring what to keep, what to throw away, kids items included. (migraine starting)  And I am sure you guys know the rest of how all that goes! (severe migraine potential, resulting in hiding in a dark room!!) Then my awesome husband mentions to me...... get ready for this,,,,,,, having ALL NEW furniture through out the new house and "throwing" out our current furniture!! WAHHHOOOO!  How awesome is that!?!? Of course I would never just throw everything in a trash pile! I would sale it all! Well.... probably not everything, I know me, I'd donate some (most of them) things!

All this would not even be possible if it wasn't for all the money I saved us, being the The penny budget stretcher that I am! That's correct! Coupons and all the other frugal things I have learned and put into action has got us a brand new home built on the property that we bought!! Okay, Okay, Okay and my husband working hard for our family 60 + hours a week! :P!  But he has been working those same amount of hours and making close to the same amount of money for the last several years and we were not going anywhere! (Financially)!

So, I hope that you guys will understand and forgive me for my lack of posting. I promise it will be well worth the wait, once I get the new site completely up and running!! I have HUGE plans for the new site and new content for you guys!! Weekly posting schedule, including tips, frugal meal planning and so much more! Also creating new content to further explain the "how to's"  on stretching your penny budget!! I am super excited! I hope you guys will be as well! And really hope you all will love the new site, and be able to benefit from it a great deal!

If you guys have any suggestions or like to see a feature added that would help you, please please let me know!! I am open to any and all idea's from you guys! This is after all, about you guys!!
You can email me at (Stretching A Few Pennies (at) gmail (DOT) com) anytime, (no matter the reason or question)! Or you can just leave your idea/ suggestion in a comment below!

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