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Friday, December 9, 2011

Escalate Affilate Network :: Why I use them!

I wanted to take a moment to let you, the readers know about the Awesomely Fantastic  Escalate  Network  affiliate company I use to bring you the hottest,latest & greatest deals, coupons etc!

I thought you all may like to know WHERE I get most of my deals, coupons etc I post. I use Escalate Network Over 75% of the time! Why??  There are 150 million reasons why, that I could name, but  you guys would be reading and reading and reading for a long time. =D So, here are just a few of the major reasons why I CHOOSE to use Escalate Network almost every time::

Escalate Network thrives to be the most Honest & Ethical company around!
Those 2 guys research thoroughly to give us ONLY LEGIT OFFERS (NO SPAM EVER!) to blog to you all! And they work very hard to bring us the best deals out there right that second! (While still making sure they are truly 100 %  legitimate offers!)
I have never ever worked with nor heard of other affiliate company's that do all that Escalate Media Network does for us and for our readers! EVER!

They work so very close with their affiliates! Whether it's, help them with a problem step by step or to help teach them how to do whatever it is they need help with! Plus they keep us update with ALL the newest deals and coupon ASAP!! I do not get "update emails" like that from others!
The are also, the most friendly and personable people around!
I almost feel as if "Working with them is almost a privilege" You would to if you work with them! If you want to try them out (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!) You can sign up for Escalate Network HERE!!

So you can count on any thing I post from Escalate Media Network is going be a true, honest deal!
I hope this will help you and give you a little confidence to grab that deal or Freebie you wanted or print that coupon you were unsure about. Please let me know if you have any questions. I will be happy to answer any and all questions or concerns you have. :)

P.S ... Escalate Network also pays NET 15 (15 days of the end of the month!) Not 30-60 Days!! And you only have to have $25.00 to be paid! PLUS Escalate Network offers direct payment to your paypal account! That means your  payment is credited INSTANTLY!!!  To be honest, the latest I have ever been paid was on the 8th of the month! That's 7 Days Early! And I have been paid as early as the 4th!! NO ONE ELSE OFFERS THAT OR OFFERS PAYPAL OR SUCH A  LOW MINIMUM PAYMENT AMOUNT!!!

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