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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thanksgiving dinner... What are your plans? Has this year put a toll on your Traditions? Come read my thoughts and views and leave your own! :)

I had posted this to my Facebook, and then decided this was a good topic for the blog as well! So here it is...
    So, I was just talking with my Daughter (3yrs) The Thanksgiving Menu/ yummy food. She added this to the list ... Sausage,(WAHAT!?! LOL I did not say that of course.) Matoes (Tomatoes), Tatoes (Already on the list) Banan0s, Oranges ..... And this list went on! :) Can you tell we are southern?? With the MATOES AND TATOES?? You should hear my girl actual speak those! She sounds just like me when I wa...s a little girl! All though I worked on hiding my accent, due to a Big Bother(Word from Olivia) that picked on me something furious for it. But I look back now and baby he thought it was cute??? NAHHHH! LOL....Anyway, What is on your Thanksgiving list? Did you score the FREE Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce from Farm Fresh Yesterday? 
Comment From Brandi @Mommy Made:  
I usually cook more food than we eat, but not sure we're gonna do that this year.. was used to having family over for Thanksgiving, but now we've moved up here and further away from everyone, so.. I may start a new "family" tradition and start ordering Pizza for Thanksgiving.. LOL
My Comment
SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I SWEAR IF DAVE SEE'S THIS I WILL SQUISH YOU!!! LMBO!! He does not care for Thanksgiving (food) he wants "football food" and be left be to watch it all day!!! And ofcourse with "both gone" I am not thrilled. And the "one" looks like its a no go for NOV!! DEC it is!  (Of course guys, I really would not squish her.I was just picking)
Do you guys plan on a smaller meal this year? Do you have family members that will not be around this Thanksgiving?? Or a Husband that wants snack food and football only??Or will it be business as usual this year?
I am a traditional girl myself... But feel them slowly slipping away!!! I am bound and determined to pull the reins back!! To take back my traditions! 
I can't help but feel the economy has helped play a huge role in this. Let alone tons of personal set backs, that not just I have had. It seems as if everyone I know as I had a heard time this years with everything. Not just money!
How to you all feel about this?? Please leave a comment with your thoughts, views, and opinions.

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