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Monday, November 28, 2011

So what do you do all day long being a SAHM? Do you all get that question? It use to really annoys me!

I have got this question more times then not, and it was ALWAYS asked in such a snotty manner! It use to really uric me to the bone too! So, I thought this would be a great topic to talk about and discuss with you all! This includes you STAY AT HOME DADS! You get the same if not worse ridicule!

I LOVE being able to stay at home with my kids, It is the most rewarding job! With hugs, kisses, and those moments where you get that smile or glance and know it was b/c of you. And many other rewards!  But seriously, I am on call 24/7 365 days a year! I do not get to call in sick like others who leave the home to work, There is no vacation days, no early days, no EVER leaving work because I live at my job and no actual wage for this! But if there was, us SAHM & Dads would be the richest in the world! Because, we have so many different jobs that it is not even funny!

Here is what JUST 1 day was like when my daughter was about 18mos. This is just a short version.
I have added in some of the things still apply today even at 3yrs old(This including my son who was 7yrs at the time now 9, he was in school during most of time frame mentioned, but after school battles)
When my daughter was 18 mos old,
She ran and still does run around all day tearing things appart or clinging to me
 like crazy glue Most of the time the house was/ is a disaster because I have to (STILL DO)stop half way through everything in order to stop her from trying to kill himself in some new way/eating something/falling off of something she has climbed on while I was doing the dishes! Or just falling down/needing the diaper changed  that I just changed 5 minutes ago because she decided to have an epic poopy and it is going everywhere.(SO glad that is no more!) Then my son comes home from school, Rowling up his sister after I had just got her calm enough so I can get chores done! (That's a battled to stop btw) Have him eat a snack, get his homework done, which I'd rather pull my own teeth out sometimes! That  would be so much easier sometimes! This while my daughter is up to the same tricks mentioned already!
Then my husband comes home wondering what I did all day, b/c dinner is not done & house is an diaster!(I didn't even have a moment to think about what was going to make) then while trying to get  to making dinner, I am constantly stopped by my daughter who is crying and wanting to be picked up, or getting into something, a son that is sneaking off to play a game he was told not to etc, Don't even think about asking for help, that was just a fantasy b.c husband had been at work all day dealing with people  all day and just wants to be left be for a bit! (WISH I HAD THAT OPTION ONCE AND AWHILE!) AND ALL I want to do right that second is get some sleep. Waking up 2 +  times a night & not getting to bed before 1am due to trying to finish up everything that needed to be done that day, makes a girl exhausted!
I think I got more sleep and "me time" when I was working 12 hour  + days! LOL But would not trade it for nothing in this world! EVER!!!

We really actual do a ton of things during one day or atleast try and attempted to get them all finished!
We are Chef's, maids, nurses, therapist, mediators, book keepers, house keepers, maintenance WOman, Lawn Care  & Landscape worker and way more!

I always love to hear about how other SAHM's feel about the What do SAHM do all day? questions! Please leave a comment below on your feelings and views of this outrages question.

Also another topic is, the how do you "do it all"? Meaning the mom that: PTA's, Volunteers, Coached a soccer team, has some sort of fun class once a week, Crafts with kids, spending quantity (not quality) time, etc. And still do all the MOM JOBS!

Personally, I don’t attempt to "do it all" anymore!
I’m happy and feel good if, at by the end of the day, the house isn’t a complete diaster area,
got dinner cooked, no broken anything and managed to put on a little eyeshadow & mascara!
And if I can get the writing I need to write written, and the emails I need to answer
answered, and the house I need to clean all the time cleaned up
However, I am not saying I do nothing at all! Far from it! I get the kids up,fed breakfast,
dressed,Make sure teeth & Hair are brushed, oldest of to school this is just by 8am. In that time, I have
 managed to, stop fighting, delt with the I don't want to's,phone ringing etc.
(This can be a battled some mornings) Let alone all the end between mentioned already!
 It doesn’t sound like all that much to some, but some days more then not
it is a huge accomplishment!

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