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Friday, November 11, 2011

Recycle/ Re-Use. Things you can re-use instead of throwing away while cleaning out your Fridg!

I like to Re-Use Items ALL the time! Sometimes to much as I become cluttered! With that being said......

 These are just a few pictures I already had on my computer! But it gives you the idea.

  So as I was cleaning out my Fridg last night, and  I was thinking I need more freezable / food storage containers!  HMM I say (My mind often wanders off a mile a min while doing things!) I can always buy plastic containers with coupons which are steal pricey. Or use them ....(wander for a min  LOL) as extras when ordering on Amazon to qualify for free shipping! Using my Swagbucks redeemed cards! WANDERS BIG TIME.. Shoot I need to go redeem my $5 Amazon Cards!....All this while steadily going threw the fridge! AHHH HAAA! This apple sauce Jar would be perfect! And so on I went. I will spear you all the rest of my minds wanderings. :)

And these are a few items I came up with! Also some make for easier storage space!

Glass Apple Sauce Jar- PERFECT FOR FREEZING LIQUIDS!! Spaghetti Sauce, Smoothies, Fillings for dinners.(Ex: Homemade Pot Pies, Soups) etc!
Cool Whip Tub - Left-overs container/ lunch portable!(and now my mind goes blank of course)
Glass Pickle Jars-  Freezing Liquids! Examples above.
BIG Plastic Ketchup Bottle - I bet this would freeze liquids 2! It is hard plastic.(Even went down the hall and asked my husband his opinion on this. Yes he had no clue what I was even getting at! But he is use to this by now. LOL After answering my question with a yes it should work, THEN he asks me what was I up to! SMART MAN!)
Egg Crates - Not food related. Great for crafts with the kids!( All though Styrofoam would...NAH)

There are so many other things you can Re-Use to save you money! And help you stretch your pennies even further! These items are actually great worthy items to Use/ Re-Use as Food Storage Containers even Freezer Items! Not to mention how awesome it is to recycle items instead of sending them to the landfill!

Do you have any ideas on more items from the Fridg to Re-Use instead of throwing away? Or have other awesome things around the house you can Re-Use instead of trash it??

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