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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pepto-Bismol is donating 8 MEALS for ever person who Clicks the (Click Here) Button on their "Feast For All Campaign" on Facebook! Really Awesome Pepto-Bismol! Thanks for this great promo!!

Wow, this is completely awesome!
Please help Pepto-Bismol  reach their 2 million meal goal!
It only takes 10 seconds to click the "click here" button! Plus you will be donating 8 meals for doing so!! =D
Pepto-Bismol is donating 8 meals for every person that participates in their "Feast For All Campaign."Go over to their Facebook Page (be sure to "like" them, if you have not already) The"Feast For All Campaign." page will load automatically, by clicking the link-s on this post ;). Then, You just click on the "CLICK HERE" BUTTON  to like Eric's Turkey! And you will have donated 8 meals! How sweet is that? I think this is such an awesome promotion! Please be sure an spend the few seconds of time it takes to stop by and click the  "CLICK HERE BUTTON"

You can always count on Pepto to be there if you overdo it.
Unfortunately, millions of Americans barely get enough to eat.
So we created the Feast For All Campaign where one click
helps donate 8 meals. Because we believe everybody should get
a chance to celebrate, especially during Thanksgiving.

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