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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Featured Guest Blog Post - Creative Crafting (even when you're broke!) - Mommy-Made By Brandi! ♥

   Here is my wonder friend and fellow blogger Mommy-Made By Brandi, Special featured article on Crafting on any Budget, that I had asked her to write for us!  Isn't she awesome for writing this really informative crafting - when your broke  segment??

I am almost positive you will get some kind of an crafting creative spark after reading this!!! I sure did! My mind instantly became flooded with Christmas crafts I had made as a child from items found around the house! My mom was and still is a HUGE Crafter and Artist!(I did not get that gene sadly!) I can be very creative and have awesome idea's but when it comes down to making the idea, it's a lost cause! lol. That's why it's always good to have a crafter you know on speed dial! LOL But seriously it is good to have an email, Bookmarked site, or Phone number so if you ever want something hand made or crafted for you. you know who and how to contact them ;)

Have you guys ever looked at the awesome HAND-MADE EARRINGS she makes?? If you have not yet, I HIGHLY recommend taking a look! She can EVEN make custom earrings to your personal liking!! She will go over and behind her means to communicate with you, so she will produce an item that you completely love and wanted! That is why I ♥ her and Mommy-Made by Brandi!! PLUS, she makes WAY MORE THEN JUST AWESOME EARRINGS!

Okay, so on with the show....

Creative Crafting (even when you're broke!)

- My totally awesome, deal finding, budget-stretching, couponing Queen, and awesome friend Sherry at Stretching a Few Pennies, has asked me to write a piece on "Crafting on a Budget".  I am in no way a pro, but an absolute lover of all things hand-made, and wading my way through the "Sea of Artisans", and enjoying every minute of it! -
Whether you're bored and looking for a hobby, searching for an outlet for your creative compulsions or trying to add a little extra cash towards a tight monthly budget; you are surrounded by FREE crafting resources, which means ZERO investment, other than your time and a little artistic inspiration. Consider this, everyone knows that, collecting and recycling aluminum cans is an awesome way to make a quick and easy $20 (estimated). You're doing an awesome thing for the earth and adding some padding to your budget, savings account or helping to fund your bar tab on your next cruise to the Bahama's. Take a look around your house; in your drawers, closet and shed. Outdated, unused, stained, ripped, worn out, wrong size to re-gift or just plain ugly clothing is a Gold Mine waiting to be dug into.. well, Gold Mine is stretching it a bit, but the fact is, right now, it's not costing you a single penny to take a look at it and think about all of the things it can become! Whether you keep it for yourself or sell it, you have a recycled item that cost you NOTHING to create, and is potentially the next trending item (or not) that someone may be willing to buy from YOU because your creativity turned the, once un-loved, item into something they couldn't live without!
Check out Etsy, it's basically eBay for Handcrafted Creativity. Search "recycled" and you've got over 200, 000 listings of various recycled items. CRAZY! Ok, so here is a list of some items that most people have sitting on their house right now, and exampled uses, that are potential masterpieces for your creative ingenuity.

  1. Paper Bags: Canvas for painting (just remember to allow it to dry every so often, or you'll end up working on goo), Wrapping Paper! (I will admit I have used a paper bag because all I had was "girly" paper and my gift recipient would not find it humorous to receive a gift wrapped in daisy paper..), envelope, luminary, scrapbook paper, pinata, etc.. 
  2. Rubber Bands: Stamps! You can take a piece of cardboard, and glue pieces of old rubberbands to it in various shapes to make your OWN stamps!
  3. Jars: Spaghetti jars, baby food jars, relish jars, etc.. wash them out, clean off the label, decorate the lid (a piece of fabric or felt and some glue works great!) and fill it with Homemade Potpourri, Paint a "Glass Window" effect on it and use as a beautiful votive jar, etc
  4. Clothing and Linens: Did you know that a pillowcase is actually a popular clothing item too? Search "Pillowcase Dress" and see what you come up with.. A-MA-ZING! Who would have thought? And popular, oh my goodness! And old T-Shirt can be turned into a gorgeous braided bracelet, a tote bag or Hobo, a hat, a scarf, bows, napkins, patchwork quilts, Fringe (yes, fringe is back in this season!).. sooo many things can be created with Fabric, the possibilities really are endless! And best of all, they can be used as "new" items for your household, gifted or sold!
  5. Costume or "Outdated" Jewelry: Take it apart! Lay it out and design something new and fresh!
If you haven't checked Etsy out yet, you really should. Search for ANYTHING! Something crazy, and off the wall, like, "recycled plastic bag purse", beautiful purses and bags made from recycled grocery bags! One of my favorites was crafted by Barefootin' Baubles, and I love it so much, I had to include a pic! :)

Barefootin' Baubles also has other bags made from Soda cans.. those are equally awesome!

Just remember, just about everything has another purpose. Get creative! Use the web for inspiration and tutorials if you need a jump start, and get crafting!

~ Brandi @ Mommy Made by Brandi
Etsy Shop: Mommy Made by Brandi

WOW~♥~ What FANTASTIC CRAFTING  Idea's even when your BROKE!!!
Thanks Mommy-Made by Brandi!! You can also Visit her Facebook Page - Mommy Made By Brandi Here

Please feel free to leave any comments or ideas below! I know Mommy Made by Brandi and Myself  would LOVE to hear your thoughts or creative sparks you may have! =D


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