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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Apology and Explanation for my Absents

My Apology and explanation for my absents, 
 I would like to seriously apologize for my lack of being around. I am terrible sorry.
 If you all could please keep in mind as your reading this, that I have had to swallow my pride and admit my defeat and losses. Which is very hard for me to do as this has been a life long battle with myself (admitting OUT LOUD instead of keeping it all inside)....BUT just for you guys I will.  =D

  Although my Husband and I have been together over 5 years, this past Friday was are 1yr Anniversary of being married.
 I also had a few Doctor appts that did not go to well.
  So those are the MAIN factors in why, I have had to take a little personal time over this past weekend and this week, But in taking this time, I have realized I have ALOT to accomplish in a very small time frame, as well as I need a little more personal healing time to deal with all of these changes..... Please bare with me and I PROMISE things will get back to normal ASAP! I am trying now to play catch up and get you all atleast the highlights of my store matchups.CVS, Walgreens, Kroger, etc. and new released coupons and deals.Also I am looking into getting a friend to post just a few deals and NEW coupons in my absents. Please know that life throws us curve balls, knuckle balls, splitter balls and wrenches in are lives and all we can do is deal with it and move forward the best we can. I hope you guys understand.

♥ ♥
- Sherry @ SAFP

P.S I feel all of my readers are my friends and extended family, and you all are very important me!! This is why I felt the strong need to post this letting you know what in the world was going and that it was not a permitted thing just a temporary thing! ;) xoxo

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