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Friday, October 7, 2011

♥ It's Mega Swagbucks Friday! ♥ How have you guys faired today? You still have plenty of time left to search serach search! =D

WAHOO! I Love Love Mega Swagbucks Day!  I have been saving up Amazon cards for Christmas!

DONT FORGET TODAY (Friday)  IS MEGA SWAGBUCKS FRIDAY!!!! YOUR CHANCE TO EARN DOUBLE  swagbucks when you search using their search and win toolbar!  start earning swagbucks (points) towards Amazon, PayPal, and other cool prizes! Use it the same way you would Google or Yahoo except win while you do so. Be sure to sign up Today so you can have double the chances to when and double chances for earning higher swagbucks! 
So what ya waiting for??? GO SEARCH AND WIN! If your not a member SIGN UP HERE

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