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Thursday, September 29, 2011

FREE Chips and Queso Coupons from Chili's!!(I don't know if this will be around come next month,make sure to snag this if your interested!)You will also get more coupons for other items and deals through out the month! EVERY MONTH!

*REMINDER POST!* I just received in my email a awesome coupon deal for Chili's!
for only 35.00 We get 2 margarita's ,1shared appetizer, 2 entree's & 1 shared desert!(I never get around to desert at Chili's because I am to stuffed!this is a great date night or dinner with a friend deal!I am so printing this one and using it this weekend! I HIGHLY recommend signing up for Chili's emails! (I added the pic of the email at the bottom of this post!)

Not only will you get this AWESOME Coupon, You will receive at least 3 various coupons monthly in your inbox!! I have received:KIDS EAT FREE COUPONS, x.xx off your dinner or particular item! AND MORE!! It is always good to have these even if you do not eat out often or eat at Chili's much!That way if you do want to go out to eat you will have coupons handy right that second! =D

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