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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Back Pain Help is here,they are looking for persons seeking alternative treatment! =D This is NOT a STUDY! I wanted to share anyway, as I suffer from severe back pain!

Click Here to get more info!Seeking back or neck pain sufferers that want the safe and effective alternative to open back or neck surgery. We offer true, minimally-invasive surgery procedures; we've done thousands of successful surgeries on people with herniated discs, bulging discs, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, etc. FREE MRI review. Quick recovery times. Tiny incisions. Most private insurance covers the procedure. No Medicare.
*Note* They require a phone # in order to contact you with more information. 
It can not hurt us to check into this and ask questions! You never know what something is or if it can help until we try it out and ask questions! :) I signed up! As a sufferer of back pain I am willing to do anything to make it go away! And  finding pain relief and treatments can be very difficult! Especial if they do not work at all or for only a short period of time.But this here is something that may just be the ticket for me! With small children and a family, Surgery down time is not an option for me!(which I have been told as much as 6months! & huge wounds!)   SO ,This just might be the ticket here!

We can always say thank you for your time and information but we do not think this something that we would benefit from, if you decide it is not for you. :) Believe it or not a lot of people in the field of pain are completely understanding of that! TRUST ME! I am diving in feet first! No matter the outcome!

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