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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Are you new to couponing? Or just need a refresher course? Take a Look at my Couponing Basics Guide!

Welcome To Stretching A Few Pennies!! If you are new to couponing you are in the right spot! (Even if you have been couponing for years). Here at Stretching A Few Pennies we are absolutely crazy passionate about saving money and sticking to are budgets, by means of using coupons to score awesome deals and save at least 50% off are grocery bill!!!As well as household items! We are just as absolutely crazy passionate to help others learn how to do the same!.....
  I’m sure after seeing Extreme Couponing on TLC, you are curious to know “How did they do that?!”  I would like to state, that not everyone who uses coupons is an Extreme Couponer. I myself do not have an huge stockpile.But as I go along I do stock up on items when they are at the lowest rock bottom price. (which is usually no more then 5 of that item. I do not clear shelves as I think it is rude to others!) My goal is to save at least 50-75% at the grocery store.This is so very easy to accomplish and you can do it easily!(stick with me kid & your first trip will be a shock)

Okay, now on to the "How-To" Guide.
I have created a very Simple Basics to Couponing. Guide.Always remember if you have any questions no matter how silly you may think it is, Please ask ! In order to learn you have to ask questions.As you will see if you hang around, we are ALL here to help each other save money!  You may even notice another reader may answer your question and are very friendly/willing to help you along the way!(Bookmark this page so you can reference the guide when ever needed!)
Getting Started:
  • Join Store Rewards Savings Card Programs (examples, ExtraCare Card at CVS, eVIC Card at Harris Teeter,MVP Card at Food Lion,KrogerPLUS card at Kroger etc)
  • Get a copy of the store’s Weekly Sales Ad (in Sunday Paper or online) and Match Sale Items with Coupons! Make sure an check Stretching A Few Pennies for Weekly Store Sales & Matchups! Here are a few I Match up for you guys WalgreensCVS,  Farm Fresh , TargetKroger , Harris Teeter, Walmart.Dollar General(I am always updating my weekly Matchups when I find new coupons or un advertised sale items!I Also post new coupons with a store matchup if a good one is out there!)
  • Make Budget and Stick to it! Plan your shopping trip & list before heading out (exception to the rule would be FREE items!)
  • TAKE SMALL STEPS! How to coupon is a learning process, kinda like a trial and error thing. The more you get out there and use your coupons, the better and better you will get at it!
Coupon Terminology /Coupon Lingo:
Did you know Couponing has it’s own language?? I recommend  becoming knowledgeable of all the terminology and abbreviations associated with  couponing!You can view my Coupon Lingo and my Coupon Ethic's by clicking HERE I highly recommend taking a look at this info.

Collecting & Organizing Your Coupons:
Build up a Stockpile of Coupons! Buy multiple Sunday papers. An Awesome way to get more coupon inserts is, you can ask friends,family,neighbors,co-workers etc to save the coupon inserts from the Sunday paper.I buy or get from friends (4) Sunday papers. As I recommend getting at least 3-4.But if just starting out then (2) will suffice. :)  You can also search printable coupon websites.Here are a few of my favorites you can check out Coupons.comRed PlumSmart SourceFree Coupon Alerts CouponNetwork & Cool Savings
  • Organize your Coupons! Find the right fit for you. You may even try out 4 different ways before you find the best method for YOU!Many Use the Binder System,which is an 3 ring binder 1-3in and are filled with baseball card selves (to put you coupons in) and dividers to separate the categories!
Where to Find Coupons:(If you do not have papers handy you can start printing them now.You need to have a healthy stockpile of coupons!)
  • Sunday Newspaper Coupon Inserts – You can get an early preview of Coupons that will be available in each Sunday’s Paper HERE!  I recommend getting at lease (4)copies of the inserts in each Sunday’s Paper.  This way you can “Stock Up” on an item when it’s on sale!
  • Internet – Here are some of my favorites:  Coupons.comRed PlumSmart SourceFree Coupon Alerts , Cool Savings & CouponNetwork (Remember I post new coupons daily as soon as they are released!So check back often!Listed at the bottom are several ways to never miss one!)
  • Signing up for Newsletters You can receive exclusive coupons for almost all your Favorite brands! As well as FREE samples,discounts & MORE Here are a few, Kellogg's Coupons,(always get HOT coupons that score me CHEAP Cereal!) JC Pennys(Seems like once a month I get a $10 off a purchase of $10 or more!=FREE) Home Depot(gardening tip exclusive offers coupons & even FREE items from time to time!) Ziploc - Right@home (Get access to many exclusive name brand coupons!) *Click the image at the bottom of this post to get these awesome coupons!*

  • Magazines: All You Magazine is a great magazine!! It  always  has LOTS of Coupons!  You can purchase it at Walmart or by subscription!But all magazines have coupons inside!So when ever I see a FREE magazine subscription I snag it up!
  • Shopper’s Savings Cards - You can load coupons to most store rewards cards! through using Cellfire & SavingStar
  • On or Inside products - Inside boxes or on the box of products you purchase you can sometimes find coupons!
  • Store Weekly Ad or In-store Coupon Booklets! – Be on the lookout in stores for Blinkies or Tear pads (coupons from small machine that spits out coupons usually near the product or on a pad you tear off by the item), Peelies: Little sticker like coupons,usually pink or yellow.These are found on the outside of  the packaging , Catalina's:coupons on the bottom of your receipts, Coupon Booklets: booklets with coupons. Usually  found in by the Sales ad stand or Pharmacy).
Buying Items on Sale W/Coupons and Stocking up:
The trick to couponing is to match your coupons with store sales. When the match & price is right stock up! As a general, stores follow a six week cycle for sale items.This means items that are on sale this week, will more then likely not be on sale again for another six weeks! So you will want to stock up on these items when they are on sale & matched with your coupons to make them CHEAP-FREE. Try to buy as much as you think you will need for a period six weeks.
 Example, if you buy 1 box of cereal a week at $4 a box, You will have spent $24 over an 6-week period! However, if you buy 6 boxes at one time on sale for a good price & you match up your coupons you will have only spend about $1.00 a box! That is $6.00 for six boxes of cereal! That will save you $18.00!
Another great way to start out your stockpile is,after setting your weekly budget alot a small amout each week for your stock pile items.
 Example: You budget $5.00 weekly to take from your set budget amount to put towards your stockpile.Lets say, Toothpaste is on sale for $1.50 you have a $1.00 off coupon making it just $0.50ea! You would 10 which would equal $5.00!And now you have Toothpaste stocked up and are done with this weeks stock up item. ;)

Stacking Coupons:
As I stated above, you will want to buy  items when they are on a good sale and match your coupons with the sale! The coolest thing is that many stores have “Store Coupons" These are coupons that, that particular store has put out.Usually they will have the store logo &/or name printed on them. (They will NOT state Manufacturer’s Coupon). You can usually find these in the Store around the sells flyers in the Sunday Paper, Signing up for Store Rewards Cards, Email Updates as well as Online! I post all the newest coupons as soon as they are released online! You can  "Stack"(use) a Store Coupon with a Manufacturer’s Coupon on a item to maximize your savings!
 Example, Oatmeal is on sale for $2.50 a box. You have a Store Coupon for $1.00 off Oatmeal and you have a $1.00 off Oatmeal Manufacturer’s.  You could use both coupons on ONE box of Oatmeal to score yourself Oatmeal for just $0.50 a box!

 B1G1 items (Buy 1 Get 1 FREE):
If a store is having a B1G1 (Buy 1 Get 1 FREE) sale, you can buy (2) of the items and use (2) manufacturer’s coupons + (2) store coupons!  For example, let’s say Secret Deodorant is on sale BOGO (buy 1 get 1 FREE) for $2.00.  You have (2) manufacturer’s coupons for  $0.50 off Secret Deodorant and (2) store coupons for $0.50 off Secret Deodorant, use ALL the coupons to get (2) Secret Deodorants for FREE!
Also when an item is B1G1 the items ring up half priced no matter if you buy (1) or (2)  
Example: Brand Bread is B1G1 and priced at $2.00,you buy only (1) it will ring up at $1.00!

Overage is Super Awesome! This will save you a LOT! So you may want to pay close attention. Overage is buying items using your coupons then basically, using the excess $X.XX from the coupon to pay towards other  items in your purchase!
For example: Lets say, a jar of Pickles are on sale for $1.00 and you have a $2.00 off Pickle coupon
You would use the coupon to score FREE pickles and have 0.50 extra towards the rest of your purchase! This means Overage! Most stores will not give you cash back! So you can use the Overage from your coupons to apply to your total purchase of items. $0.50 may not seem like a whole bunch, BUT  if you have (4) Pickle coupons that is $2.00 in Overage!! Towards your total purchase!
 Example 2: Lets say CVS is having a sale in which you can earn an $5 Extra Care Bucks (ECBs) when you buy (WYB) 4 Huggies products. So we know the cheapest Huggies product is the smaller packs of wipes & they are on sale for $2.00ea! You  have a $1.00 off Huggies item CVS Store Coupon AND you have a $1.00 off Huggies Manufacturer’s coupon ! This means they are FREE with the (2) "Stacked" Coupons!!So you would buy (4) Huggies wipes and Stack (4) of the $1.00 off Manufacture’s Coupons WITH  (4) of the $1.00 off CVS Store coupons. Which equals FREE with using your  stacked coupons PLUS you will receive $5.00 ECB BACK!  So it's like getting cash back on your next purchase! This is the most awesome way to Make Money Couponing & Shopping!

  Are you feeling overwhelmed?  I did to at first! No worries, I am here to help.When I post the latest deals,matchups and coupons I explain how to get the deal/coupon etc or where to get it, as well as I provide a link for you to click to go get! ♥
**Please keep in mind that these are just the basics.As I thought this was the easiest non overloading way help explain the couponing way. =)**

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