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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

If you guys are ever looking for me or need to ask a quick question...I am almost always on swagbucks chat

Search & Win
     Generally when I am on the computer I have Swagbucks homepage open in one of the 50000000,000000 windows/Tabs I have open at a time~ LOL The Swagbucks home page is where the chat box option is. I like that you do not have to download another app for it! When I receive a msg that tab will blink yellow to let me know I have a new chat msg! =)I love Swagbucks! I was skeptical at first. And I did not earn that much my first month to month 1/2 like alot of others claim they win a month. (I won around 6-11sb for searches about 3x aday)But now I do earn a around 35sb's a day at the least. Just depends on ME! If I have done several searches,completed my everyday sb's routine etc, To Read My Everyday SB Routine Click HERE. Oh and if I claim swag codes before they expire! I post NEW swag codes clues to facebook. They are time sensitive and usually exp within an a hour!. Also you can always check my swagbucks Swidget for code clues! (located at the bottom of my homepage & under my Swagbucks Tab!)To Read my SWAGBUCKS 101 Click HERE, Or sign-up for Swagbucks click HERE

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