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Monday, August 8, 2011

How I organize my coupons

There are many ways to organize your coupon. I know the popular version is the "Binder System".
I attempted the "Binder System" and it still lays incomplete! I just did not have enough time for it. I think it is a great way to view all your coupon while at the store. But just to time consuming for me. So I came up with a different way to keep up with my coupons. I keep my inserts in a magazine like basket. I write the date they came out on the top of them with a Sharpie marker. I place them in order as follows,
P&G on the bottom then REDPLUM then SMARTSOURCE.  When I need a coupon from lets say 7/10 RP I just got to the basket and grab out the 7/10 RP flip threw find and cut! The basket is a great size to carry with me and keep in the truck in case I see something in the store that I know I have coupon for! =) I also keep my scissors & marker in the basket. I had took them out so my lil one did not get a hold of them while I was taking the pics.
I keep my sales papers for the week and my printable coupons in my accordion file. 
When I go shopping I have my pencil pouch for each store. As you can see in the pic's. The front mesh zipper pocket I keep my ECB's RR's etc in the front and the coupons I will be using inside the big zipper pocket. I will also keep my list or anything else like that in the mesh zipper pocket. ( I have to get a few more pouches actually.) You can always use envolopes instead of the pouches til you can get your pouches! That is exactly what I did........ If you like this idea, this is the time to get your pouches! With all the great back to schools sales you are sure to find them cheap. Please comment and tell me how you organize yours or if you found this helpful! 


  1. Yep, I tried that to. I didn't feel organized with it. I have the kids help me cut every Sunday and it doesnt take to much time. I have tried a few different ways and I find the binder to be best for me.

  2. I understand, everyone has their own way. =) This is just mine.I actually feel better organized doing it this way. lol. It is easy for me and a lot quicker.I like having each store in a separate pouch. Easy for in store shopping especially with small kids. If I am making a big trip I will put my coupons for that store in the baseball card sleeves from the binder..... But I also have no help with the cutting of the coupons or the organizing either. With the "binder system"


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