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Saturday, July 30, 2011

You asked and I have answered! =) My Personal Survey List!

I have been asked by a few about survey sites. Is it worth it? Will I make money etc.
So I have put together a list of sites that I am a member of. Some are better then others. But ultimately it depends on you and your background. Surveys are meant to target certain groups. So you may not qualify for one but then the next 3 you will! I have learned to have patients and give it time! And you will earn money!And A few I have kept my profile for surveys not complete.And have received quite a few request! LOL So just try a few out give it a week or two if you are not happy with that particular site then un-join and try another. Each person is different and has different likes and backgrounds. =) Here is my list that I am a member of. These are in no particular order! =)


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