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Monday, July 25, 2011

Wanna Join Our Coupon Train?

What is a Coupon Train? Coupon trains are a easy a way of exchanging coupons by mail. It is a great way to get coupons for items you and your family need in exchange for the ones you do not use!
(I don not know about you guys, but I hate seeing good coupons expire on items I do not need or use!)

 A Few Guidelines:

The envelope may not include more than 50 coupons! Due to postal charges.

Train members may not hold on to the envelope more then 2 Days. Please take note of weekends and Holidays. Keep in mind the faster you send it out the faster the train will move. (If a problem/issue with a member accurs please email me and we will get the issue resolved quickly!)

Train members WILL REPLACE the same NUMBER of coupons that they took out of the envelope!  Adding extra coupons up to the maximum encouraged.
Train members are expected to remove expired coupons from the envelope before mailing out the envelope to the next member

Train routes will be determined by where each member lives (by region). I will try to pair train routes from person to person to be able to take advantage of regional coupon differences. (so if it looks like the train is bouncing from one end to the other this is why)No need to send a train to, for example: "From Va Beach,Va to Suffolk, Va."But sending from Suffolk,Va to Indiana would give the best regional difference. And then Ind, send back towards East-Coast and so on.(I will send each member a list of the train route by email once all members have signed up.)
 Also if you have lets say 4 Gerber coupons and you know train member 3 needs those feel free to send a separate envelope to them. As well as having more then one envolope going at the same time is a great way of getting coupons faster and having more coupons. If you would like to be apart of the second envelope please be sure to mention that with your email.

I will be adding the train slip with routing info for us on Google Docs. No Worries it will only be shared to the members ONLY! Google Docs allows you to choose who can and can not see the Docs! Pretty awesome I thought! :-)

*This is a voluntary train.  You may leave the train at anytime you wish. All I ask is for you to email me right away so I can make the proper changes and notify the other members!*

If you have any questions feel free to email me at

You can feel out the form by clicking on the Coupon Train Tab! OR
By clicking  this link : Fill out the Stretching A Few Pennies Coupon Train Form

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