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Sunday, July 10, 2011

*Repost**Quick Heads Up* I will be working on my Blog the next few days. Making updated changes! You are gunna LOVE! We will owe all the thanks to Thrifty Texas Penny for giving me the "How To" & "The Where To Find" info!

Some of the changes will include:
Moving the pages around. +
Adding new info to pages
Changing widgets(all the click-able items on right & left sides of the homepage)
I am trying to make all click-able items legitimate sites that I know are not fake! =)
Updating my HTML (so while viewing my page it seems to look really off or weird, that is why.)
One SURPRISE feature(if I can make it work) Thanks to Thrifty Texas Penny! Giving me the 411 on "where to" & "how to" GET it done! Also for offering help if I get stuck! She is a super sweet chickie!
And a great blogger! One of her specialty's are deal scenarios for each weeks Drugstore matchups! Makes shopping a piece of cake! Sooo, if you guys don't mind, PRETTY please visit her and show her page some <3 for me and tell her I sent you!
Thrifty Texas Penny has a Birthday coming up! Tuesday 7/12!  Congrats on the success!!! She will be having her 1yrs Birthday Celebration Giveaways starting some time next week! You can find her by:
Clicking here for her Blog or
Clicking here for her Facebook Page
Thank you again for your kindness & willingness to help me!Also for giving "REAL" info on certain things and not info that just solely benefits you and/or your pocket! I really appreciate it! If I am lucky enough, I will absolutely pay it forward!
One more SURPRISE is in store for you guys!  I have been thinking long & hard about this and considering all aspects of it all! So keep your eyes out for it! =)

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