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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I found a few things to help keep us on track and organized with are busy on the go days.

Need some FREE help to keep you organized? I know alot of us could probably use a few NEW helpful tips and items to help us out. We keep everyone in are family (Family not living in are home included ) organized but somehow we overlook are own own things... So anyway I was surfing the web and came across these helpful tools. My Fav is the Cell phone location reminder to make it easier to plan out your  busy day of running errands, no matter what they may be!
Please let me know if you found any of these helpful or not. I need feedback from you guys to help know what you like or not like to see! =)

Sometimes more then not here lately I have had a hard time remembering who as what at what time and where? LOL 
Famundo Family Calendar :  an online family calendar merge to keep all your families appointments, school or recreational events, outings etc straight: This is FREE! but you have the option to upgrade which I probably would not lol. Click this link to check it out if you would like.

Remember The Milk :Time Management Organizer create your own online time management reminders. You can choose to get reminded by SMS, email, etc  Also you can choose to receive  reminders of where the locations are of the places you have to go. This would really help you map out your day. Could help you save on gas too! FREE sign up! Click this link to visit their site

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