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Saturday, July 30, 2011

How to Manage a Budget and Prevent Fights over Money with Your Partner

   Sadly money ends up being the spiraling outta control downfall of many relationships. Here are some tips and maybe solutions (if you & your partner are willing to stick by this) that MAY help money problems between couples. 
Take a look at some of these strategies that you and your partner can try sticking with to avoid those horrible fights about money and meaningless fights that stem from money frustrations!
*You will only succeed if BOTH are willing and active participants!*
I can not stress that enough!

Use an Envelope Budget

It can be as in-depth as an online site, or using a spreadsheet on your computer. The main thing is to get something to help you track your spending and help you set your goals. Importantly helps you get your expenses and budget under control! Also make sure it respects your income & spending guidelines. Be honest when setting it up, and helps prepare you both for the dreaded unexpected expenses.

Here is a FREE online budget site  that  aggregates all of your finances. You can create budgets there and track actual expenses against it. It has a pretty good expense identification feature And a Net Worth Chart that keeps track of your net worth. 

Have a Spending Allowance Budget Set In Place(yes I basically mean an adult allowance)This will totally help you stay on point with your overall budget!It gives you the knowledge of what you can spend each week/month and staying with-in your allowance will truly give you a sense of accomplishment! Which makes for a guilt-free shopping trip by staying with in this amount! Bonus! Allows you to be able to buy gifts for your partner without them wondering where that money went and possible causing another argument. By doing this could also help prevent feelings of resentment if one goes over their budget for the month/week. 

Have a set down once a month about your budget 

You and your partner should once a month to go over the budget, see how well you have done, areas that need improvement etc, Never discourage one another or make them feel like a child while discussing the budget! Also you should probably meet again every 2nd quarter to look over the long-term goals you set in place together. Add things you feel need to be and change up other areas that may be needed. 

Set you guys up some JOINT goals to achieve(This means Together!)Again, I stress both have to be willing! 

Joint goals are extremely instrumental in a relationship. You need to have specific goals that you are BOTH working on to achieve as a COUPLE! This shows each other that you both care equally about saving & managing your money.It is also doing something together as a team! Which is always a great thing. It as well shows you both what goals each other want out of  your money. Having long-term goals set in place should also help you resist many of those BIG expenses that will get in the way of your goals & long-term goals. Spend wisely now and have a worry free future!

I hope these strategy's will help you and your partner out! Please let me know if you found any of this helpful!

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