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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hey guys,Just wanted to let you know real quick.....

 Sorry for no post from me today. I got really ill early this morning and have been at the doc's all day.
I wanted to get up here real quick to let you all know why I have not been on today. & to let you know that I have not just upped and disappeared. I am so sorry for not getting the new Matchups for Wednesday posted for you . =(    After I got my husband and daughter off  this morning to go visit family and camping this weekend. (for his vacation). I went straight to the doc's and have not been home very long. After I get settled and talk with my son (he stayed home with momma.) I will try and finish them up. No promises though. I am very exhausted.....I feel terrible for not getting them up, Please forgive me for my absents.
 Thank you guys for your support to my page and blog!

*Note to the Mommas!*

While I know this already and tell this to my friends ALL the TIME I still never listen or I ignore it!*

I have not felt well the last few weeks.But I kept plugging along thinking I have not gotten enough sleep.
 That was not the case.
So  MOMS it is never good to ignore your own body trying to tell you something !! From now on I think I just might take my own advice for once.

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