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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Here are some Laundry Tips to save you some extra pennies!

 I have put together a few laundry tips and how-tos to help you save your pennies! 
I am sure some may know some of these but others may not. This is why I wrote this how I did! =)

 Washing Tips:
 Always wash your clothes in cold water, this will save on your hot water heater. Clothes come out just as clean. Also when  nicer weather comes around hang the clothes up outside on a clothes line.Or get creative if you do not have a line. Use kitchen chairs,over open doors etc.This will save you on your electricity. I Normally hang up clothes as early as March -October.Saving a little over 1/4 on my electric bill. 
 Laundry Soap Tips:
 *You really do not need to use the full amount recommended on the detergent bottle for use* Try adjusting it down by only 1/3. You know your own clothes, you can judge how "lil" or how much by this.Also some like using 1-2 cap fulls of vinegar & and about half the amount of detergent.
(I also like using vinegar in my laundry and using it to clean around the house. Vinegar has disinfecting property's.I have a spray bottle mixed with water and vinegar and a spray bottle w/bleach & water.) 
 **Never pay more then 2.00MAX for Laundry Detergent! With using coupons this should be NO problem.**  Me personally, I do not like to pay more than  1.50 (I cringe a "lil" at that price!)
 Many people like making their own laundry soap. Which is really cheap to make and only takes a very minimal amount. 1 batch last several months.

 Dryer Tips:
Add about 1tsp of vinegar to fabric softener and reduce fabric softener by half! OR
Buy a $1.00 spray bottle fill it with 1/2 fabric softener (some like to use a name brand softener)           And 1/2 water. Right before you but the clothes in the dryer spray two or three sprays on to the inside of the dryer door.No worries it is safe! Think about it, you put wet clothes in the dryer right? And the solution is diluted! No static and the fresh smell last for quite a bit of time. There are SEVERAL variation of this.Some like to but their favorite scent in the mixture and little to no softener. So I always suggest try it then try it with what you think would work. =)
 You can also spray your solution on a washcloth and toss in with your clothes.or use a
microfiber cloth. They will pick up the lint in the clothes. 

Instead of dryer sheets or fabric softener try this:
Using Aluminum Foil! YES I said ALUMINUM FOIL!  Use no BIGGER THEN a golf ball size of Aluminum Foil!  This will prevent static and get your clothes soft! Roll up your aluminum foil into a GOLF BALL size(NO BIGGER) Toss it in your dryer while drying your clothes That's it! This  s safe for use in your dryer, I tested this out several times. TIP: don't use larger pieces of aluminum foil.
Some like to spray a few squirts of their favorite smell on the dryer door or washcloth as well!

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