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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Explanation of "How To" Maximize your savings with B1G1 FREE Coupons.


Buy One, Get One Free coupons give you great savings potential! Unfortunately there are so many misconceptions about the "how to" use B1G1coupons. I will do my best to explain this so maybe you can have a better understanding and knowledge of the B1G1 coupons to maximize your savings! =) Maybe after learning how to use them you can have more confidence in yourself. And be able to explain this to others stores and cashiers =)
Here is an *Deal Idea* Simple transaction
  "Kraft" Shredded Cheese  $1.99

- Use B1G1 "KRAFT" Shredded Cheese
- $1.99for 1 bag   (from using your B1G1 coupon)
Final price: =  1.99 for 2

Ok so you got that down. Now.... On to Lesson #2

Some Stores will allow you to use a B1G1 Free coupon with a $ off coupon on stated product/s

*Deal Idea* 2
"Kraft" Shredded Cheese  Priced at $1.99
- Use B1G1 SHREDDED CHEESE COUPON (subtract $1.99 from using your B1G1 coupon)
                                                                             Subtotal before using 1.00off coupon = $1.99

- USE $1.00 OFF 1  SHREDDED CHEESE COUPON (Subtract 1.00 off subtotal above)

Final price: $0.99 FOR 2 BAGS OF SHREDDED CHEESE!

RECAP:  1 manufacturer coupon counts toward the “free” product & the other manufacturer coupon  counts toward the qualifying purchase item.  Basically you have to:  Buy product A to Get product B FREE but only now product A costs $1.00 less because of the 1.00 OFF manufacturer coupon.=)
Now the hardest part. Why yes I shaved the hardest for last! =P (Oh come on now, it's really not hard)
So your local store has advertises a Buy 1 Get 1 Free Sale in their weekly ad or if the store puts out a BOGO coupon in their weekly ad (Walgreens usually has coupons in theirs).  A store having a B1G1 Sale or a B1G1 In-ad coupon is basically offering those items half priced or "discounted"  products. Most stores ring the product at half price when on sale for B1G1Free.

"Kraft" Shredded Cheese B1G1 FREE Regular price $1.99

Buy 2 Bags of shredded Cheese

BAGS SCANNED AT 0.99EA  (Items ring half price when on sale for B1G1 FREE)

- Use B1G1 FREE COUPON  (-0.99 sale price)

= Final Price: 2 free!

The same example applies to using a "stores B1G1 coupon".
 No worries the manufacturer will reimburse the store for the other item as stated on the coupon. (and usually states plus 0.08 handlers cost.So it’s no different than you paying cash out of your pocket for the item.=)
I hope this helps clear any confusion any of you may have had!
Please feel free to ask me any question! I am always here to help!


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