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Monday, July 11, 2011

Did you guy's see I found my all time FAV game! To play for FREE?? & I found my 2nd FAV game Bejeweled 2 for FREE!

I am so happy! My son ruined mine I had for the PC when he was about 2-3yrs old! (and the PC) Now 9yrs old and Momma will not let him forget it! LOL. Anywayz he was on (MY) Facebook (playing Farmville) and seen this game posted in my news feed and ran to tell momma! =) Love that "biggest" monster and yes "littlest" monster was right behind him yelling momma momma! =P   I actually thought they had broke/ruined something else. =( B/C of the running & yelling MOMMA! 
  : * (  YES I feel awful now for thinking that!Good thing  7-11's b-day FREE Slurpee is today!

Click on the pic to PLAY FOR FREE!
 You play for money and prizes as well!
I also spotted Bejeweled while I was there! My 2nd Fav game! I have the generic of this on my cell and play it a lot. Waiting in doctors office, "watching tv", laying in bed(should be sleeping lol) etc.
Click on the play now to playfor FREE! !

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